Monday, January 21, 2008

It's offical Being Dramatic is Genetic

I come from a dramatic family...well on my mother's side (my dad did have his moments, he tried, but those firm WASP tendencies took over for the most part) the latin side, well drama drama drama....I'm somewhere in the middle (thus my husband's coined term of waspina)...I enjoy a good story, can even tell a good story, but I don't normally have to create drama in my own job is to be the audience for the dramas created by my family (ok, mostly my sister).

Now my youngest doesn't spend a lot of time with my family so it was quite the shock when he threw the scenes of all scenes last Saturday when we went snowmobiling. We had fun the first half hour but then he got cold. I'm not without sympathy and don't mean to sound callous, but OH MY GOSH...did he need to scream all the way back down the mountain the following:

"MAMA MAMA MAMA" (at this point beating my back with his well gloved fists --- think hysterically crying starlett and buff star in some black and white movie from the Forties and me having to stop and ask him to hold on to the heated handles so that he wouldn't fall off the snowmobile).

All the above, repeatedly, without stop, for the 30 minutes it took us to get back to the rental lodge. The people there gave us a blanket, we got Isaac down to his long underwear, wrapped him up in the blanket and put him in front of the fire, where he whimpered for the benefit of all.

I got those 'looks' from the few adults around....the ones between, 'bad mom, you aren't attending properly to your very forlorn child' to 'bad mom, you aren't beating the disturbing behavior out of your child' I shrugged my shoulders to both ends of the disapproving spectrum...because one thing I've learned...doesn't matter what you do, somone's going to think you suck as a parent.

He warmed up, Jake and Jason got another hour on the snowmobile and Isaac and I colored pictures and drank hot chocolate. In the end everyone was happy and now we know two things:

1. There is a drama gene.
2. We're going to wait a couple more years before reintroducing winter sports to the youngest.

oh and to those of you who haven't been reading this blog for long...a waspina is a cross between a WASP (white anglo saxon protestant) and a Latina...I think of it as balanced.


Sitting In Silence said...

LMAO...Nothing like an Osacr winning performance to keep one away from the snow !!!

Great post !

Aimee said...

Too flippin funny! It sounds like what Lindsey acts like. Let's remember not to put them in the snow together.

Scott said...

Well being cold does suck. And as long as he was putting on a show, you knew he wasn't hypothermic.

I didn't know you were part latina. Is one of your parents Mexican?

tz said...

my mom is cuban...she came here when she was 12 (just when castro was taking grandad saw the writing on the wall and started buying land in naples Florida, was able to leave cuba with his wife and daughters but had to leave A LOT behind) dad's family has been here since before the revolution and his family were pioneers(g.g.g.grandad was a wagon train master and would bring settlers out here--to the west)...

so scott, i know you didn't ask for a family history...but there you go...:-)

Average Scrapper said...

Wow, he sounds like a stitch! Sorry he had to be so annoying about it. :)

Anonymous said...

God gave us children to teach us humble. Nothing more humbling than a child acting out in public and you trying to deal with it, while knowing you're being "judged" by all around.


tz said...

Sandra...too true, and it always (well for me) happens when I'm feeling a bit too smug about how great a parent I am...hahaha

I am happy that God blessed, me. hubby and the two kiddos with a sense of humor because it makes days like that go so much better.