Saturday, August 19, 2006

Birthday Parties and Happy Hour

So we went to one of Jake's friends birthday parties, and thankfully I enjoy friend's mom (mom calls him Thing 2 --- which may sound a bit weird, but cute story involving Cat in The Hat) so friend-mom and friends-moms of friend-mom and I had 'happy hour' while kids did root beer and pizza. So Jake takes a satisfied sip of his root beer and says to host and hostess...'wow, a cigarette would be great right now' My little jokester.

The moms got mango mojitos...Wow, who knew, better the margaritas, conversation lively, nice group of moms.

The rest of the evening was nice, a trip to home depot, bought new door knobs, the kids may actually get a door on their room this weekend! Then we watched movies and ate popcorn, nice and low key family night.

I will be going off to Glenwood Springs for a 'girl's weekend off' with Jason's Mom and Sister. We're staying at the Colorado Hotel, which I believe is supposed to be haunted...oooooh.

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Martha said...

Hope you have a Hauntingly good time!

Jakester the Jokester...