Friday, August 18, 2006

Party In The Park

yummy BBQ
Paramedics, Firemen and Police brought their 'toys' for the kids to play in.

Our neighborhood does this great huge party every summer. Bounce houses, Barrel Trains, DJ, BBQ-Pig roast (catered), it's really an amazing neighborhood get together....I finally got the pictures downloaded into the computer.

So Jake woke up with some weird bug bite (probably a spider) and half of his lower arm is swollen. I'm torn between being over-anxious mom and calling the Dr. and bad mom and just seeing what happens. But frankly I'm only bad mom if his arm falls off.....This mom thing, you just can't win! Last time I was over-anxious mom and took him to the Dr. twice in one week...Pretty much convinced he had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever..It was just a virus and cleared up in a week. I really need to stay off the internet. Well only after I freak myself out by looking a websites on Brown Recluse spider bites...Do they even have that spider in Colorado?


Martha said...

And here she could have gotten a FREE and PROFESSIOANL opinion when visiting, but did she even mention it? NO! Must I learn everything from your blog?

Seriously, call me if you want me to check it out. Yes and no on the Brown Recluse. Try benadryl for the swelling and topical ointment and really, call me in the morning...

Martha said...

Ah, that would indeed be a professional who can't SPELL professional. :)