Tuesday, August 29, 2006

blogger challenge...purse inventory

This week's blogger challenge is to inventory your purse and comment on it. I was very tempted to forgo the challenge as no one really needs to see into the craziness that's in there, but what the hey, pretty much only my friends read this and they love me anyway.

My purse is a woven one out of some synthetic material in soothing colors of blues, taupes, black and beige. It's from Wallmart and one of my least expensive purses, but my favorite.
One very well loved black wallet with lots of compartments to stuff things. It's pretty self contained and I often just take that along with me. The leather is nicely worn and very soft.

My keys, with a little blue frog flashlight, and a bunch of store discount cards hooked on to them, and my Arapahoe library card....I pretty much know what every key belongs to except two.

My mortgage statement....I don't know why, I think it's because I got the mail on my way out and stuffed that into my purse for safe keeping, given that my car is a black hole for such items.

A tube of Excedrin Tension Headache Pills.

Three ball point pens (two others in my wallet) I have NO idea why I can't find anything to write with.

Hotel key for Hotel Colorado (oops)

Receipts for: Albertsons, Chilis, McDonald's, postal service, Tuesday Morning and Arapahoe Community College

Shopping list

A scrap of paper for an address of someone I don't recognize

A pamphlet for Cold Stone Cakes and a packet of invitations to Jump it Up (Zac's birthday is coming up)

And a business card for Bud's Warehouse.

Oh and a bunch of crumbs?????

I have no idea what that says about me except I need to be more organized! This is pretty much a reflection of my house too, bits and pieces everywhere that I would like to think, should they ever come together, they would be a completed puzzle. Alas, I have never been good with puzzles. I'm not sure I've every completed one over 100 pieces.

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Gina Grace said...

mannish wallet that all of my friends make fun of, empty pack of Orbitz gum (just tossed it in the trash), address stickers for my grandpa, AA batteries (??), metro smartcard, old boarding passes from a trip from Dulles to Minneapolis/St.Paul (must have been a connection?) cell phone, three tubes of chap stick, one of them (my favorite) is now empty, keys, lip liner that I've had for ages (becuase really, do I ever use it? No.) Check book, one piece of dog food (wow), Dayquil liquid tabs, Cripes- more AA batteries, hospital bracelet from the Williamsburg, VA Emergency room (I keep meaning to make a scrap book of our eventful honey moon...) Check stub from my pay period ending 7/22 with "section 139, Row D, seat 9" written on it (??), keys and nearly one year's IRA contribution worth of PENNIES.

That's about it :)