Monday, August 28, 2006

While Jake is at School

Don't tell Jake, but we have a lot of fun at home while he and Abi's sister are at school. Abi's the little girl I watch in the mornings and she and Zac go to preschool in the afternoons. But I DON'T DO DAYCARE if anyone asks.

The other little girl dressed up as Blue is Abi and Zac's buddy Ag. She came to play for a week with us.


Martha said...

your secret is safe with me! I remember well the fun Thing Two and I had while brother was sitting in school. Every so often the truth would spill out and it was a very "THAT SO NOT FAIR" situation. It didn't do me much good to say "yes, but you had mommy all to yourself for those first two years" as he was nothing but an little babe himself..
Keep on having fun..
And, gee, I didn't know you did daycare? :)

Colleen O said...

Oh, I want to stay home with you guys!