Thursday, August 31, 2006

where have all the people gone?

This is going to be one of those days I use this blog to VENT. Where are all the Customer Service people? I was supposed to start my on-line classes on Monday, today is Thursday, and I still have not been able to get online. I've tried my current student ID number, my obsolete-because-they-changed-their-system old ID number and my social security number and I can't get on, I've tried lower and upper case, I've tried getting on through my home school (Arapahoe CC) and the Online school (the community colleges of Colorado combined online classes effort-ccconline). I've emailed every day and have called and left messages everyday. The local number is a constant busy signal and the toll free number basically says they will NOT call you back but will email, I have yet to see said email. So I tried the tactic of emailing to the general question people rather than the technical people and I DID (miracle of all miracles) get a return email that told me to wait a couple of hours and try I waited and tried to log on and I STILL CAN'T LOG ON! I did try admissions twice to verify I was indeed a student and was enrolled in the classes (like my cancelled check wasn't enough proof) but I really was questioning my sanity here. I was told my one admissions person that no one was able to get on and not to worry, but then told by someone else that it was up and running and it had something to do w/ my log in, but rest assured (and I wasn't) that others were also having problems.

My latest email was to beg and plead for the names and emails of my instructors so I can at least let them know I'm trying to get online and maybe get a syllabus.

I really think I should start these classes with extra points!

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Martha said...

You see: your first mistake is NOT enrolling in Regis. THEN I'd be able to help you because (shhhh)...I'm sleeping with one of their faculty members!

Seriously, me thinks all the people have gone to India but then that opens up a whole new reason to rant.

Hang in there...