Monday, April 02, 2007

4 am conversations with a 4 year old

Jason and I wake up to crying, the inconsolable kind.
"What is it Isaac?"
"Jake won't let me play with them"
"Jake's asleep honey"
"No, he's not, he's playing with my monsters and I want to play with them"


"Honey, you're having a dream"
"No, I'm not, Jake is having fun with MY MONSTERS"


Get up and show him that Jake is indeed asleep. Isaac calms down and wants to snuggle, I cringe at the thought of his bed, so we go back to our room and all fall back asleep, he and Jason more quickly then I.

Leave it to the quirky one to have a dream about monsters, but instead of being scared, he's upset they're not playing with him -- this is the kid that insisted on wearing a turtle costume and snow boots (no snow right now, just beautiful Colorado Spring weather) to Chipotle last night for dinner -- and to be fair, because we're quirky parents, we let him.


Martha said...

And when he grows up, he can still wear his costumes. We saw a 20 something year old man wearing a Spider Man costume at the beach yesterday. No reason for other than, he was feeling like Spider Man I guess.

tz said...

LOL martha!
did you get pictures?

Adventures in Baby Fat said...

That's pretty darn cute!!! And quirky. But quirky is good!

My son used to have nightmares about trees and inanimate things. Apparently those were more scary that the possibility of monsters. Man-eating trees. They bring their own toothpicks. ha.

Btw, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog!! I appreciate it!!

Colleen O said...

Well, I'll be bothered if Abi is still wearing her cat suit at age 20.