Friday, April 27, 2007

this and that

I found out yesterday that it's 'teacher appreciation' next week. As co-room mom (and other co-room mom is in Monte Carlo this week, hate her), I had to scramble to write a letter to the other parents asking for donations, pictures and cards,written by the children, for the teacher gift (a scrapbook with messages and pictures of his students). So I was chatting before my Micro class last night about this and then mentioned that the only reason I knew this was coming up is I happen to be on the hospitality committee at school and got an email regarding the change of 'teacher appreciation' week. It was at that moment when facing the raised eyebrows and stares of my fellow Microbiology students that it's no wonder I'm getting only a B in the class. I didn't even mention that I also volunteer in the nursery two Sundays a month at church. And I thought I was being so good at dropping out of the community Social Committee. Me-thinks I will have to drop my volunteering, socializing, coffee drinking with neighbors even more during nursing school---well maybe not coffee time with the neighborhood mommies. This will be a very hard sacrifice for me. I have to keep reminding myself that the field I am choosing is one of service and it's OKAY that I stop being of service (outside the family) for a brief two years in order to accomplish this. right? right?

Now on to the real important matters of life, what shall I make for dinner tonight? We have a freezer full of stuff I could thaw, something with shrimp maybe? Ooooh, shrimp scampi over rice noodles with fresh asparagus and broccoli tossed in? I guess I do know what I want to make for dinner --- love the rice noodles, they're so much lighter and the taste of the scampi comes out more then with regular noodles.

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Colleen O said...

Yeah, you don't need to get nutty and stop having coffee! Sheeesh.