Saturday, April 07, 2007

School Now vs. Then

A couple of days ago I took son #2 to Burger King, so he could play and I could study. Every time I heard an energetic gleeful shriek (someone else's child, MY child wouldn't be so rude -bwahahah), I had to retrace my reading steps. It was then that I realized college this time around is sooooo different from the first time around.

Studying? something you cram in right before the test because you were sleeping off a 'late' night in class and couldn't take notes. Instead of reading you were enjoying those 'late' nights.

You studied, in coffee houses, out on the lawn, school cafeteria, school commons room, anywhere where a friend might happen upon you and you had a great excuse not to study anymore.

The library was a great place to take naps, and there were too many tables and chairs and not enough of those comfy 'reading' chairs and couches.

An entire semester's worth of books equals one book for one class now.

You really thought what you said mattered and you could change the world.

You have a chart when everything is due and you tape it to the fridge so that you can maneuver all of that around your family's schedule.

You want, crave, must have, peace and quiet when you study. If someone you know happens upon you when you do, you chat for a minute and excuse yourself to finish your studying. The library has way too many comfy chairs and should invest in more tables and chairs. The obnoxious guy sitting at the table next to you, having a cell phone conversation and a conversation with his table mate, simultaneously and LOUDLY, should be shot and killed.

You feel guilty about the time it takes away from your family, about the loads of laundry not done, about more fast food and convenience food, about the money you are not only NOT contributing but you are taking away from the family. blah blah blah, this list can go on and on, but let's not dwell!

You don't ditch, because if you do, you'll miss something, and gosh darn YOU PAID TO BE THERE. (a LOT).

Day care....Holy Cow, who can afford that!

Less beer, more coffee.

Guys don't want to buy you beer anymore, or coffee for that matter (which by the way is okay, since I'm happily married).

When you exclaim at the school bookstore that when you were in college the first time this cost would have been for a whole semester of books, they guy looks at you and says "Whoa, that was a long time ago" (OUCH).

And, you realize you can't change the world, but you can effect people's lives in your chosen career, and if you're a mom you are shaping the lives of the mini-human(s) left in your care for such a short period of time, and these things are priceless.


Lisaopolis said...

I totally hear you on the later-in-life study habits. Wow, how much time did I waste back in the day? Now at my regular coffee house I can do grading but not any work that involves creative thinking/processing like reading & studying does. Plus, then -I'm- the one wanting to chit-chat with my friends there who are in fact...(younger, haha) and trying to study.

Colleen O said...

Replace the drinks with coffee. . .
that alone will make it basically an alternate universe!

ps I'd like to know why the saying is "scream like a little girl" - when the girliest screamers I know are all boys. . . points to ponder.

Martha said...

I feel like I should leave a comment but I don't want to interupt your attempts at studying. But then, if you are reading your comments then I"m guessing you've already been sidetracked, eh?