Sunday, April 22, 2007

Doing an Olympic Triathlon

NOOO, not me. LOL. My brother and his wife are doing an Olympic Triathlon to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. The mom of one of Gina's friends recently struggled with a blood cancer and both Gina and Jose wanted to do something worthwhile in her honor. As well as have a reason to train (you can read more about it on her blog). Any how the reason I'm writing about it is because, A. I'm so freaking impressed that both she and my brother are able to do this physical challenge, and B. I think it's a worthwhile cause and thought if anyone should like to donate I'd put the link on my blog too. Oh and it's, of course, tax-deductible:
Gina's team page
Okay, big sister duties done for the month, at least for older-little-bro', younger little bro' and little sis' will have to wait their turn.


Martha said...

I'm tired just THINKING about exercising. That's pretty impressive to get beyond the thinking stage.

*figured I would comment here instead of your other post. Anything you say can and will be used against you....don't want to go near the topic of showers and naptimes in the middle of the afternoon! :)

Gina Grace said...

Day one of training:
We went out for a nice ride on a 25 mile loop and I crashed at mile 15 on my NEW BIKE and got a concussion. Spent the evening in the hospital with your brother. (which ironically, is almost one year to the date after the last time I was in the ER- in Williamsburg, VA for an allergic reaction to... THE SUN on our honeymoon...)

Every time I saw the new purse that I bought the day before, I asked him "Is that a new purse!?!? Oh... good choice me! I love it!"

Taking today and tomorrow off of work on Dr's orders. Keeping my bike helmet -which is cracked down the middle- as a souvenir.

Moral of the story: Always wear a helmet!!! (falling with a helmet makes you loopy and sore. Falling without a helmet makes you dead- or close to it)

tz said...

holy COW gina, that sucks! so happy you were wearing a helmet, otherwise we'd have to do a money drive for YOU.