Sunday, April 01, 2007

Parents moving back state side

I'm so excited, my mom and step-dad are moving back state-side. They live in La Coruna, Spain right now and have been for a couple of years. But, Jose is missing his family a lot. My mom, although misses us, REALLY likes it over there. Jose wants to move back to Miami, we have one brother there and Jose loves the Cuban community there. My mother has a sister and niece in Naples and a bunch of cousins in Miami. And then there's the weather. But I want them to move here! Yeah, the weather may suck to them (I'd take it over the sweltering tropical heat of Florida ANY DAY) but they have two daughters here and grandchildren (my brothers have yet to reproduce...Jose and Gina..get on that by the way, and Luis, get married). Luis, the brother in Florida should move here anyway and who knows where the Navy will send Jose and Gina next. Not to mention, Jose, Sr. (step dad) is related to most of the tiny Cuban community in the Denver area. Oh and it's cheaper. Don't you all think they should move here rather then Miami?

I promise I won't ask them to babysit ---- that much.

This is the view from their apartment now. I know it would be hard to give up, it really is beautiful there!


Colleen O said...

I want them to stay in Spain too! Do I get a vote?

Martha said...

Well, I do know where they can get some great Chinese food in Miami, does that help?
Oh wait...that's not what you wanted is it?

Gina Grace said...

Is it selfish and bad of me to want them to stay in Spain too? Not becaue I wouldn't love to have them closer, but because I don't want them to give up that apartment in Spain!!! And I want to have a reason to go there on a regular basis!!! Quickly fading are my dreams of being able to say "We're heading to Spain this weekend to visit family..."

I knew it was too good to be true :(