Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Spring in the Rockies


A couple of days ago

Yesterday, I sent Jake to school with a rain jacket, boy was that a mistake, it was snow boot, heavy coat, hat and mittens weather after school. He made it to the car okay though. Although, and not related to the snow, he did 'toss his cookies--um okay Cheetos' in the back seat of my car. My first thought, "thank goodness this wasn't Jason's brand new car". He's feeling much better today and actually begged to go to school. Woo hoo, that's not his normal state of mind when it comes to school.
My personal opinion, and I'm not sure why the superintendent DIDN'T call me for my expert 'mom' opinion, but it should have been a snow day. Maybe I'm a wuss but it would have been fun to snuggle in and watch the snow melt, drink hot cocoa and have a free day, it's not likely we're going to get another chance at a snow day this year.
Planning forecast....80 this weekend. Where else can you get four seasons in a WEEK.


Martha said...

Ah, but had he initiated JZ's car with puke, we would have had a name for the car: Chester (as in Chester the Cheeto critter!). I crack me up.

tz said...

you crack me up too! and i do like chester...hmmmm
maybe in a couple of weeks when the personality comes out (like you suggeted) i'll post contest on the blog...
right now i'm thinking felix, but that's more the personality of the owner then the car itself