Saturday, April 14, 2007

Look how much I'm worth a year

I was looking up something else entirely on and found this mom calculator and check this out, a stay at home mom would make 140,000 dollars per year if she was paid based on what she did on a daily basis for the kids, the house, her husband, et al (I think they include overtime).

Now, where do I pick up my check?


Martha said...

Yeah, but then there are those days like today wherer I'm on the verge of being outsourced. Sure kids, just find something that looks good to eat, I"m taking a nap.

tz said...

i do beleive even moms should be allowed some time off...afterall that check was for ONLY 90 hours of work.
And hey, it's obviously too much for me, I'll be taking a 'paycut' in two years to be a nurse...hahaha