Sunday, April 22, 2007

The things that kids say

The other day the girl that I watch, Abi (and NO I DON'T DO DAYCARE SO DON'T ASK) says to me, "My mommy takes showers" I answer,"I'm so glad, it's an important thing to do" I'm wondering where she's going with this. Then she says, "Sometimes with my daddy" OHHHH. And I reply, "Yes, sometimes mommies and daddies do that, it helps save water", she says, "they won't let me in" HMMMM, eyebrows raised, don't know what to say, she continues "But this morning they didn't" I wanted to say, "oh was your daddy in a bad mood the rest of the day" But I just changed the subject. Ponies, with little Abi, always a good choice.

Which reminds me of a time when my own son, Jake was having a conversation with his grandmother. She came over so Jason and I could go out. When Jake asked why she was over she said so we could have a date night. Jake said he thought we already had one that day. We looked at him puzzled and asked why he thought that. He said (in front of the grandmother), "You know mom when you and daddy told us to watch cartoons then went upstairs and locked your door." UMMMM, color me red.


Colleen O said...

oh, I guess we should be glad that they don't have anything more vivid to tell!

Gina Grace said...

I love Jake. So honest, so pure :)

Kind of like the "Jake- what are you doing with your hands on that statue of a a woman?!?"

"I'm just practicing!"

Classic. And I'm totally going to re-tell that story when he's older.

tz said...

that's what aunts are for!

Anonymous said...

i love your posts but this one is just too funny! ! !